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Your Life Moments

Posted on June 30, 2013 in General Ministry, MMI, Patient Stories, Volunteering | 0 comments

During our lives, we have those family moments, your marriage, the birth of your kids, grandkids, etc. that become the foundation stones of your life. What about the rest of your life? You spend much of the rest of your life working, trying to make ends meet, etc. but there is also time that will determine the legacy you leave on others. What are your life moments?

I have been very blessed to have known some pretty amazing people throughout my personal and professional life. Some were very famous, in fact some were people I admired growing up and and I got to know them personally. It was definitely a highlight for me, but more important, I got to see who the really good people were and the impact they were making on others without any interest in others knowing about it. In fact, it is the highlight of what I do today, knowing who the good people are, and that there truly are a lot of really great people out there that despite all the bad being discussed, are doing some amazing things under the radar.

Yes, it would not be appropriate to discuss this without also pointing out that there are also some really questionable people out there too. I have seen it in the business world and also in ministry. Some are very good at “spinning” their image, but behind the scenes are not who they represent themselves to be. It's sad, but it is also life. It took me a while to figure some of these people out, but once I did, life is too short to buy into something that morally you can not agree to support. It's not my place to judge them, but I do have the ability to not support or surround myself with those kind of people.

Life moments rarely happen without some effort on your part. In my case, we had to choose to leave the comfort of a secular career to join ministry work. It was not an easy decision, and yes it came at a huge financial and personal sacrifice for my whole family. We also have been sorely disappointed in many aspects of ministry and some of the people that we initially thought had similar motivations to serve others. We look back on it now and realize that God continues to teach us everyday, we learn from these life lessons and use it to surround ourselves with people of similar motivation and passion to serve.

This gets us back to your life moments. What are you doing to leave as a lasting legacy for others, or are you choosing to go through this life just having been here? The choice is really yours, and its not anyone else's place to tell you what those moments are going to be. You may find that your personal life does not allow you to take time away and go impact others, but you can still help make it possible for others to be impacted because you chose to make it happen. You can also involve your family in the legacy you as a family will leave. Talk about teaching your family a great lesson in life! We get so excited when we see whole families get engaged in ministry and travel to serve the less fortunate. Every single member of the family is impacted, some in different ways, but they all come back pointing to this time as a “life moment” that will forever be embedded in their memories.

We would love to hear about your life moments! Share them with us and know that we would love to help you develop the legacy that you will leave here on this earth. God is doing some amazing things and He has equipped you to be used to leave a lasting impression on those you can reach.