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Wild Ride for the Poor!

Posted on August 22, 2013 in General Ministry, Management, MMI, Patient Stories, Programs, Volunteering | 0 comments

The last year has been quite interesting, and in many cases a series of peaks and valleys as MMI continues to raise the bar in its service to the poor. The majority of our team has embraced change and have jumped feet first into bringing a higher level of execution and accountability. Change is never easy, but these servants for the poor are making miracles happen every single day.

Accountability is not just a word, it must be a component of an organization's DNA. Every single member involved in the ministry plays a vital role in ensuring that all gifts to the ministry are optimized. We have to embrace our passion and infuse it into how we execute our role into the overall strategy of service to the poor. Our actions will directly affect our team and are a link in the chain of service and ultimately relief for the less fortunate.

Execution is not just doing your job, but doing your job well. Your performance directly affects every single member of the team. If one component fails to achieve its objectives, then the level of service will be negatively impacted as the team tries to overcome this failure to fulfill the job before them. It's a big responsibility and one that our team does not take lightly.

In the last 30 days, I have traveled to 3 different continents and worked side by side with our team in the field. We are thrilled to report that the MMI Team is up to the challenge. Yes, we have many areas that are not functioning at their highest level, but through a lot of hard work and continual prayer for guidance, we are seeing amazing results start to occur. The journey continues, but the results of the effort are already paying significant dividends.

This a wild ride as life in ministry is never routine. Some people just don't get it and while others can only see the world from their advantage point and miss the big picture. We are on a wild journey of service to help those that don't even know that anyone cares. The great news is that God cares, and yes the MMI Team is all in to help them hear this message of hope and love. Please keep the ministry team in your prayers and be confident that the results of all the focus and effort are leading to God working miracles for the poor. It's a wild ride, and we would not want to be anywhere else!