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Why Should I Care?

Posted on November 23, 2015 in General Ministry | 0 comments

There is a lot going on in our country and around the world that some may feel doesn’t really affect them.  The issues range from political agendas, religious fanaticism, and in some cases…flat out evil.  We see protests against the police and defiance of public order being allowed to openly cause chaos in our country and universities.  Debate is a good thing if it more than one side is heard.  Unfortunately, the majority would prefer to just ignore it and hope it will go away eventually.   It’s not happening in my neighborhood, why should I care?


There are many cultures that follow traditions, rules, etc. that other societies may consider strange, unusual, and in some cases just wrong.  These societies used to coexist due to great distances and very little interaction with each other.  They did their thing, you did your thing, and no one really cared…or did they?  Time has a tendency to distort the past and allow various interpretations to modify or even change what actually occurred.  We are even seeing this issue with textbooks being created for education where various authors massage the stories to fit their message.  The invention of television and the internet has knocked down natural barriers and opened the door for all to know about each other in intimate detail.  Travel is much easier and you can get to the other side of the world within hours, not months.  The world is a smaller place and due to this, we are all being brought into the story whether we want to or not.

The truth is what is happening in Africa is affecting your world, maybe not today, but it will soon be in your own backyard if measures are not taken to address the issues.  Evil is in a much better position to spread today and there are plenty of people that want to destroy your world and take your beliefs right along with it.  There are people that believe that socialism is better than democracy, that sharia law is better than an open diverse society.  Your right to pray, worship, govern and educate as you prefer will be altered dramatically or eliminated.  You don’t like this?  Then you had better get off the sidelines and engage.  The minority will determine the course of your society if they are left to choose their own course with no opposition.  This stands true for terrorists, social activists, or political zealots.


It has been proven over time that those that engage will get the majority of the attention and will change the story being told whether fact based or not.  If evil is not addressed in a proactive manner, it will eventually affect you as they want to destroy you and all you represent.  The craziness happening in Africa and the Middle East will directly impact you, your country and children if not addressed and turned back.  Look at your own community and how much it has changed over time.  The “politically correct” crowd is controlling the message and seeking to change your schools, government, and society to fit their agendas.  Are you ok with this?  If so, keep doing nothing and just wait for your world around you to adjust as THEY see fit.  Gone will be all that you expect and love about your community, country and society.

History has a tendency to repeat itself and an example of this is starting to emerge in the area of radical Islamic Terrorists and Christians.  These terrorist seek to destroy and eliminate all Christians, Jews, Muslims, etc. that don’t follow their distorted theology.  Sound familiar?  Why do you think that Christians, Muslims, and Jews are under attack in Africa and the Middle East?  Still not sure?  Well take a minute to go back a few centuries to see the very basis for the evolution of The Crusades.  Some historians have tried to change the message of the Crusades to be one of Christians forming a military operation that tried to kill off other faiths for their own benefit.  That was not actually what caused the Crusades to happen.  The Crusades were for defense and security of Christians worldwide that had been targeted by Radical Islam for extinction.  The Pope commissioned the first Crusade and the very goal was to protect Christian societies and areas of importance to the faith such as Jerusalem.

Hmm, is this starting to sound familiar?  It should, as the very same doctrine that is being followed by radical Islamic Terrorists is based on the belief that all Infidels should be eliminated.  Those that seek to kill off Christians and peaceful faiths today can strike quickly and disappear just as fast.  The attacks in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Europe, and North America are all important.  The challenge is very much the same as it was when the Crusades were commissioned, but the terms have now morphed into more than just a physical battle, but one of ideals, technology, etc.  Those that control the message help to shape it for their own use.  The Jihad being waged against the world will continue, just as it has for centuries, unless others stand firm against it.  I have to say I am amazed when some suggest that it is contained, and then write off attacks in Europe, the U.S., etc. as just happenstance.  The intentional attacks, protests, re-writing of text books, etc. is all a part of an agenda to destroy what made our society a great place to live, worship, and raise our families.

Let there be no question that the goal of the radical Islamic Terrorists is to follow the long held mission to destroy all who don’t ascribe to their distorted theology…Christians, Jews, Muslim, Hindu alike.  This is not a group of peace, but one of war.  They want to change your society and destroy all that you stand for in life.  You have a choice.  You can sit by and let this movement gain even more strength under the guise that “we can all co-exist” or you can choose to engage.  Our nation stands for diversity and the very presence of Christianity and Democracy allow for diversity to thrive.  It can’t allow the acceptance of diversity to weaken its core moral fiber and strength.  The Terrorists want to eliminate diversity.  How much do you love your faith, family, and friends?  What about your current life, country, and society?  If the answer is a lot, then engage and ensure that the desires of those seeking to do evil will not achieve their objectives.  A God-fearing society cannot be passive when attacked, in fact history tells us that one must be willing to stand up and defend it when necessary.   The Bible is full of warriors…Samson, David, Joshua, Gideon, etc. were called to fight when necessary to defend the people against evil, though it was not something that was in their nature to do.  Your fight is different as was theirs, but the result of being passive and not fighting for what you believe could lead to dire circumstances.  Peace and Diversity are the key components for all people of faith to coexist.  Radical Terrorists don’t want this and seek to destroy this very premise.  Engage and help determine the world you and your kids will continue to enjoy!

Peace for all faiths