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What’s in a Name?

Posted on April 27, 2013 in General Ministry, Management, MMI | 0 comments

There are many ministries that seek to make themselves stand out from the crowd by coming up with a unique name or catch phrase. What difference does a name make? Let's take a look…

Message – Every ministry must create a way to communicate their message. The challenge is to articulate a message that is unique and helps to set the ministry apart from others that may try to infer that they what they do is similar. Do you allow others to dictate your message? If you do, then your message is not sound and will most likely fall on deaf ears. You need to set your message on course and stay focused on your own objectives.

What do people think when they hear your message? Is it on target, is what they perceive exactly what you want them to understand? This is not an easy task, and its execution by the entire team must in sync. messaging must be consistent across all members of the organization. A clearly articulated message helps to give credibility to the name.

The future success of your ministry is directly tide to your name and the credibility that comes with it. The team at MMI takes this very seriously. You can be assured that if you seek to support, join, or visit a facility that flies the MMI flag that you will find people that are dedicated to being people of excellence in all that they say and do.

The next time you see an organization, look past the name to see what it stands for. Are they people of accountability and excellence. Your time, prayers, and resources are precious and to accept anything less could place your support in a position to not be optimized for those that you wish to serve.