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What Do You Really Care About?

Posted on January 30, 2014 in MMI | 0 comments

The last few days we have witnessed a lot of people telling us what we should care about and how we should act. I find it quite interesting when people try to push their beliefs, agendas, etc. on to other people. This happens on all sides of an issue, belief system, etc. The sad part from my perspective is that the loudest usually gets the most attention. The loudest most likely are the minority just trying to push an agenda and be as controversial as they can be and the media eat it up!

Since Sunday evening we have seen behavior on television that many would never want their children to see, much less emulate. The acts that presented themselves on the Grammy Awards show were nothing short of risqué. I guess many would call them “art” in some form, but they are a sure sign that hedonistic behavior has become ok for networks to present. One shining glimmer of hope were some artists that chose to not attend or leave the event, not make a big deal out of it, but chose not to stay in attendance and infer any type of endorsement. Two examples was Contemporary Christian artists, Mandisa and Natalie Grant.

Thank God that there are people like Natalie Grant that don’t attack others, but stand for what they believe. Where are other people like Natalie in this world? They are out there, but many choose to ignore degrading of our society and just let things they don’t agree with dominate the news. What I loved about Natalie is she did not get specific in her comments, but chose to state her explanation without pointing fingers. This statement of character left nothing for those have chosen to attack her. In fact many have pretty much drawn their own conclusions and attacked Natalie for something she didn’t even say. Natalie’s response to these attacks was wonderful, but her conclusion was even better…

“I am not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus for it is the power of God who brings salvation to ALL who believe.” Romans 1:16

Grammy Winners Mandisa (who chose not to attend) and Natalie Grant

What do you really care about? Are you ok with the way things are progressing in our society? Medical Ministry International is hard at work trying to address the needs of the 1.2 billion people around the world that live in poverty and have no access to basic care. Is this more important than a member of the entertainment world’s questionable behavior? We think so, and thus choose to stay focused on our mission of hope. Sadly, we struggle to raise the money, volunteers, and support to address all the needs that we come across, while others make a fortune denigrating our society. We are working hard to rally those that do care and join with us to support positive examples for the world we live and even more important, our children.

Thank you Natalie Grant and Mandisa for standing up for those that choose to remain silent. You are a beacon of hope and please know that there are others right along side you trying to bring a positive impact to those around us.