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We Don’t Have To Worry!

Posted on February 24, 2014 in General Ministry | 0 comments

We had the opportunity last evening to be in the company of Dr. Ben Carson at the National Religious Broadcasters Leadership Dinner. Dr. Carson, you may recall, has been a great advocate for the pursuit of honesty and the recapture of the liberty that makes the United States a symbol of freedom around the world. This commitment is not just talk, but a chosen lifestyle that must be embraced by all people of faith.

Dr. Carson was very clear in his communication: “The wonderful thing about putting God in charge is that you no longer have to worry!” “This is the most exceptional Nation the world has ever known. The home of the free and brave!” Dr. Carson spoke on the efforts of the “politically correct” police trying to dictate the message to society. He gave multiple examples of where people asked him to not talk about God and Jesus, and yet when both were mentioned during his presentations, the response was extremely positive and left people wanting more. It's a clear indication that the silent majority has allowed the “PC” crowd to try and manipulate the message with the hopes that we will just let them do it.

In his message, Dr. Carson also discussed the requirement of all people of faith to get off the sidelines and engage to re-establish the rights of freedom. “Stop capitulating in our speak as those who led this country before us were willing to put their lives on the line so that we can live in this free country!” He went on to encourage each of us to reach out to family and friends and re-engage. “We have the power to change what is happening now, but you have to reach out to others and get them to go and express their desire to have a representative that votes the way you want them to, not how they say. Go check out exactly how they voted and then vote for someone that represents your views. Do this and the dynamics of the direction of the country can change overnight. We need leaders that are more concerned about liberty and freedom than their own re-election.” It was a powerful point that is representative of God's Commission for us all.

Dr. Carson spoke of his now famous speech last year: “When I was asked to speak at the National Prayer Breakfast. I was kind of shocked as I had spoken 17 years earlier. The only person to have ever been asked to speak twice was Billy Graham so I knew that God had something in mind for me to say. I did not know what that was, but now I see that He had plans that I did not even know” Dr. Carson was given the lectern to wake up people of faith and not to allow the the “PC” crowd to distort God's message being delivered. He pointed to the government trying to investigate the media to control the message that they want to be heard.

Dr. Carson is a man of faith and passion combined with a commitment to working to make this world a better place. He spoke about the lack of people being engaged in society and the importance of learning. “Take 30 minutes every day to learn something new. In a year, you won't even recognize yourself and you will be better for it!” You know, Dr. Carson is right. How many times have we watched a Jay Leno or Jesse Waters go on the street to ask basic questions to people and they don't have a clue about basic facts of life. He used the example of a question related to “What is Labor Day?” and the answer was “A time to celebrate birth?” Lack of knowledge is a direct component to a society that allows a minority to control the message. Knowledge is power.

Dr. Carson is a calming voice in a sea of chaos occuring in our world. The question is will those of like mind be courageous and step up to defend their beliefs and faith. It's the core tenant of our society and left undefended will continue to be chipped away by the politically correct crowd that doesn't represent our faith and beliefs. The great news is that “God is in charge, and thus we do not have to worry! He has our back, and thus we must stand up and be heard.