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Volunteers Welcome!

Posted on May 30, 2013 in General Ministry, MMI, Volunteering | 0 comments

I get so excited almost on a daily basis as we have kids and adults that come to our offices to volunteer to help put together information in support our efforts around the world. These people are so enthusiastic and yet they have a passion, a passion to serve. Its addictive and we thrive on their excitement!

Volunteers are special in that they are engaged because they want to be here! We work hard every day to optimize our gifts and try to impact as many lives in a positive way. We could not do this without our volunteers. Many may never leave their home areas, but they find a way to engage with the ministry. It could be a fundraising activity, seeking out supplies, or even representing MMI at an event. No one can tell our story better than those that have been on the pulse of what we do.

The interesting thing about volunteering is that its extremely easy to do, but there are many that don't know how and thus don't make the effort. If that describes you, then don't let the lack of how to volunteer stop you. Join with us! We need your help and your involvement can make a difference in lives being impacted all over the world. Contact us at or visit our website.

No matter what your skills, we can always find a way for you to engage with the ministry. An extra set of hands is always helpful and if you can, join one of our Project Teams. Summer is here, those of you that have some time, why not join us and change lives?