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Posted on March 25, 2013 in General Ministry, Management, MMI, Patient Stories, Volunteering | 0 comments

One of the major challenges to any ministry is to tell your story so that others may hear. A ministry can only be successful when others join in prayer, service, and financial support. We will be hosting a Virtual Flash Mob tomorrow, March 26 at 11:00 a.m. to try and honor the work that God is doing around the world.

The worst thing a ministry faces is a lack of visibility and being the “best kept secret” is not a good thing if you don’t have the resources to serve the less fortunate. MMI has historically avoided the limelight trying to operate under the radar. Unfortunately, this strategy restricted the impact that could be made by the Ministry. As we move forward, our strategy is focused on putting those that choose to support our efforts on the pulse of the ministry.

There are many people that may never have the chance to serve with MMI, but that does not mean they can’t participate in the work that we do. The first way is in prayer, the second is in providing resources so that others can make the journey. 100% of all Project Fees go to Projects, and thus all of our Programs, Health Centers, and Training Programs are reliant on the support of others. We must get our message out in front of those that can help.

Tomorrow at 11:00, you can help us in this journey. Tell all your friends, family, etc. to join people around the world to come together in prayer and celebration. The Special Event will put you at the point of the spear of the work of MMI. It will be a historic moment and we would love to have you a part of the event. We have received confirmations from every continent and can’t wait to see what God does with this!