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Using Your Passion To Achieve Positive Results

Posted on August 25, 2013 in General Ministry, Management, MMI, Programs, Volunteering | 0 comments

We have just concluded a great time of discussion, debate, and fellowship with the International Board of Medical Ministry International. These are some very special people and families that have found a very powerful way to share their blessings, not just on the mission field, but in the Boardroom as well. It's a great example of passion put into action.

Sometimes I wonder if the hard work and dedication of a ministry Board of Directors and Staff is forgotten due to the incredible work that is being done publicly. It would be a dishonor to those people if we did not take a moment as we engage in our service to the poor, to stop and take a look behind the scenes at those that help drive the engine.

MMI is very blessed to have many medical and business professionals that are committed to providing a foundation for the ministry to establish and build its service to the less fortunate. These leaders have all been in the field working side by side and in conjunction with our volunteers and staff. They have seen first-hand the plight of the poor, the diligent and selfless service that our staff provides year around to try and address their needs. It's a true blessing to those of us that have left our secular careers to dedicate our lives full time to serving in ministry.

I love debate, in fact, I insist upon it not only with our staff, but with our Board as well. How else does the ministry get better? If all agree, then that means we accept the status quo. That would be the worse case for any organization, but especially a ministry. God has blessed us greatly with the intelligence and a perspective that is unique to each of us. We are called into service to use this gift to analyze, dissect, and debate each situation to determine how we could do it better.

Some people don't understand this, in fact they think that every ministry is perfect, or at least it is somehow “holy” due to the work that we do. Unfortunately, no one is perfect, we make mistakes but we also use these as learning opportunities to get better for the future. One of the core tenants of Optimizing Ministry is to encourage your team to make mistakes….once. Then assess why it happened and how you can get better in the future.

Passion is a very powerful tool when harnessed into a focused and well executed strategy. A ministry will continue to grow and more will be served if the ministry team can never lose sight of this objective. We are so blessed at MMI to have a great Board, Staff, and Volunteers that understand how to use this passion to increase our impact for the future benefit of those in need. Praise God for these people!