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Unspeakable Tragedy, is there a Lesson to Learn?

Posted on April 18, 2013 in General Ministry, MMI, Volunteering | 0 comments

The hard working small Texas town of West was rocked last night with an unspeakable tragedy. This agricultural community's fertilizer plant suffered from an industrial explosion that leveled anything within a six block area and the impact rocked buildings over 20 miles from the plant. A second tragedy in a 3 day period. Being a native Texan, and the fact that MMI's International Headquarters are based about 100 miles from this town, we are all in shock and prayer for the hundreds of people hurt and the thousands that will be impacted by this tragedy.

Tragedies like what happened last night in West, Tx bring the faith of a community, state, and nation to the forefront of our thoughts. As I stayed up late last night watching in shear horror and sadness while emergency workers worked in the darkness, my mind kept coming back to what we can learn during such a difficult time. I am a firm believer that God uses all things that happen, good and bad, to try and present us an opportunity to learn.

The Emergency Services Heroes in Boston and West cast aside their own well being in order to try and save all that needed help. Unselfish sacrifice in order for those that needed help in a time of need. Even more impressive, it is a sign of good during a time of despair. It is a sign of great hope that there are many great people that get lost in a world where the media usually focus on negativity and the voices of radical, yet loud minority opinions.

Being in Ministry Leadership, we address unspeakable illness and despair in over 22 countries around the world. There are MMI personnel operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week doing similar work that will only be known to a small number of people. That's another tragedy, but one that each member of the team knew when they decided to sacrifice their God given talents and resources to serve those in need of help. So during a time of prayer and sadness for our brothers and sisters in West and Boston, what can we learn?

There is good in the world. This example of good is also a call out to all that have the ability to make an impact in service to our fellow man. We each have been blessed with gifts and resources and its up to us to determine how we use them. Do you like what is happening in the world today? Are you comfortable with a news cast full of negativity, extremism, and political bickering? You can do something about these trends by using your gifts to make a POSITIVE impact on not only those around you, but also on someone struggling outside of your own personal world.

As we pray for the victims of Boston and West, I would encourage you to use this opportunity to re-assess your own life and what you can do to help bring a positive change to the world in which we live. God has blessed you, some even have more than others, but we each have an opportunity to impact our community and others throughout the world. There are heroes working in West, Boston, and MMI Teams throughout the world today and they would welcome others of like mind that would be willing to sacrifice so that others may be helped an in many cases saved from a time of despair. There is no greater gift.