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Unrelenting Faith Despite Tragedy

Posted on September 16, 2017 in General Ministry, Management, Opinion, Patient Stories, Programs | 0 comments

We have been working up and down the Texas Gulf Coast trying to bring hope and support to those that have lost so much due to Hurricane Harvey.  It’s been hard work, but today was different….

One of our Partners in the effort to bring Relief, Recovery, and Rebuild to Texas has been a small diverse church in Beaumont, Texas – Harvest for Lost Souls.  Pastors Kennedy and Deanna Andrews are leading a team of heroes that have set aside their own storm damage to reach out to those that are in much worse shape.  We started working with them alongside our partner, Somebody Cares. Early on, the Harvest for Lost Souls team went to a distribution center where there were over 500 people in need and only two members of the Red Cross trying to address their needs.  That was when it all clicked and this team jumped into action.


Pastor Kennedy and team began working out in the floods trying to rescue people, churches, etc. in areas that were totally underwater and the loss was complete in many cases.  Despite their own building having flood damage and a leaking roof, they set aside all to help others.  The church was setup as a distribution center and daily they continue to have carloads of people come by seeking help and supplies.  The teams continue to reach out into Orange, Vidor, Port Arthur and all over the Beaumont region.  While doing this one day, their 15 Passenger van was stolen while they were gone.  It was a huge set back and eliminated a key tool that daily shuttles 80-100 people to and from relief needs and services.

We reached out to our friends at The Ford Motor Company Fund. They heard the story and wanted to help as well.  A message down to Texas Philanthropist and longtime Ford Dealer Sam Pack and suddenly, we were on our way!  Mr. Pack and his team at Five Star Ford immediately began to look at options.  They soon found a new Ford Transit Passenger Van.  Mr. Pack wanted to help more and chipped in a substantial sum to help the Lindell Foundation purchase the vehicle!  God is so Good!


Grant MacLean and I went down personally to pick up the van, thank our partners, and begin the journey with the van to Beaumont.  Needless to say, Pastor Kennedy and Deanna were quite emotional and thankful that God has rewarded their commitments to others over themselves.  It was a time of tears, hugs, and celebration…..but we never lost sight of the fact that there is still so much to be done.  Soon, the teams were back into the region seeking to bring hope and love to those that may be close to giving up.

Let us never forget that despite what may be shown on your TV on a regular basis, there are people of all cultures and faiths working together to make miracles happen.  What’s even better is that there are some amazing and good people that are on this earth, and in this country, that are doing life right.