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Today, we begin the next chapter in awareness and focus on the less fortunate. Medical Ministry International has brought our MMI Associates who execute projects throughout the world to our International Offices in Allen, Texas. This is our first time to bring the team together since the new management team joined the ministry in 2012. We have worked diligently to bring the concept of Optimizing Ministry into the organization and though we have visited nearly all the locations in the field, we finally get to all meet together to address any issues that make a transition to accountability and transparency out on the table as a group in one room.

The journey towards Optimizing Ministry is not an easy one. We have had others try and cause confusion and disrupt the ability to succeed. We have had cultural challenges where language barriers some times misinterpret the intent of change. All of this is part of God’s plan. It’s not meant to be easy, but is meant to be an experience to make us all better in service for Him.

We would ask that you take a moment to pray over these meetings. The people assembled are all good people trying to do good work. All the time the enemy is trying to interject confusion. As we get even closer to the objectives we seek, he tries to ramp up his focus on chaos and we will not let him win. This is God’s Team and we are honored to be in His service.

Optimizing Ministry is not a statement, it is a lifestyle for those of us involved in the day to day activity of operating a world wide focus on the poor. Our cause is just, but the road to travel to get where we need to go is full of challenges, obstacles, and those that seek to disrupt our focus. We will not be deterred and will keep our focus squarely on reaching those that have all but lost hope in order to bring the Good News to all we can reach and help with the gifts that God has provided.

Praise Him!