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Understanding Your Mission

Posted on September 11, 2017 in General Ministry, Opinion, Programs, Volunteering | 0 comments

The last few weeks have brought forth a lot of heartache, stress, and tension.  Though its been brutally hard on many of us, we can’t let bad news distort our mission and focus to serve those in need.


There are a lot of people in need, but how those needs are addressed is very important.  Many will want to do something, but its usually just giving to a cause or donating something to others that are going to do it for them.  This is important, but its also important that you take the time to understand the impact of your gift and that its doing what you intended for it to do.  So many want to engage, but they aren’t real flexible and have a very myopic focus on what they want to do.  We have seen many examples over the last few weeks of volunteers that came to help, but spend more time taking pictures and sharing social media posts.  It’s good to get the message out, but don’t forget we needed you to perform a role if you are going to help us.

IMG_0899I know it sounds crazy, but it happens daily.  We refer to these as the “feel good” volunteers.  They want to feel good that they helped, but in the end, we aren’t real sure if they actually helped or not.  If you want to help, come with no pre-conceived ideas and let the situation dictate what you are going to do to help.  Take whatever role is needed to be filled and make it happen.  We have had Judges, Business Owners, etc. being dishwashers, or even running “muck-out” brigades.  A good friend of mine said that “Ministry is messy!” and YES it is!


Many of you have great gifts and talents.  Use those talents to help.  It may mean volunteering, or it could mean bringing forth attention to those that are doing the job at the point of the spear.  All are important roles, but keep in mind what your mission is and then give it your all so that those in need are helped!