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Unconditional Love

Posted on July 22, 2014 in General Ministry, Management, MMI, Patient Stories, Programs, Volunteering | 2 comments

I had the privilege of being interviewed today by Charisma Magazine for an upcoming feature on Medical Ministry International.  I love doing these interviews because during the session, many questions come up that are almost regular activity to those of us involved all the time, but to the outside world they are quite interesting.  I thought we could touch on a few today.

Bolivia Dental

  • No “Welfare” Mentality:  MMI is very intentional in our efforts to build capacity by coming alongside the less fortunate and helping them to help themselves.  We do not just give away our services.  If we did, they would deem them to not be of worth and soon ignore what they have been given.  A person that is helped to help themselves is empowered to help make their situation better and when they are left to their own device, they begin to thrive from the investment we have made.
  • No Temporary Bandage on  Bigger Issue:  MMI does not just come to do good work and then leave.  We have people on the ground in every country we serve.  Their role is to provide assessment, execution, and follow-up services as our Hospitals, Clinics, and Project Teams provide the various services.  Too often organizations come to a location, provide “help” when they are actually competing against the local people trying to make a living.  We don’t want to compete, but help increase their skills and provide the training that allows the local community to get better at serving themselves.
  • Optimizing of Every Single Gift:  90% of MMI is made up of volunteers that pay their own way to serve the less fortunate of the world.  This allows the organization to optimize every single donation in service to the poor.  We are able to provide $8 in Medical Care for every $1 donated.  Pretty amazing return on the investment.
  • 50% of Roles are Non-Medical:  We have teachers, plumbers, carpenters, etc. that join in our efforts to serve the needs of the poor.  We must try to focus on not only the initial medical issues, but also what has caused the illness in the first place.  We want to try and eliminate the cause before the illness even occurs.
  • Focus on the Physical and Spiritual Well Being:  We can never lose sight of the issues facing the poor.  There are many examples of abuse, alcoholism, etc. that are the root cause of many families struggling to survive.  Our Integrated Health Teams are the core fiber of the organization and tie every single program we operate together.  God loves each and every person and we must make sure that those we serve know this and help provide the training necessary to deal with the issues of poverty.


These are just a few issues that we seek to address.  We sometimes get caught up in execution and forget that many aren’t even aware of all the great work being done.  There is a place for you to join with us, take this time to check us out!