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Truth, No Spin

Posted on October 29, 2013 in General Ministry, Management, MMI, Patient Stories, Programs, Volunteering | 0 comments

Perception is just that, it has some basis in fact, but is tempered by a lot of smoke and mirrors. We see it each day from the blowhard politicians that try to spin a story when all we ask from anyone is to speak the truth. Is it that hard? I guess so as it's amazing how the truth can be manipulated to garner support from one's view. The great news is that we have an anchor, one that is free of spin and firmly based on the truth.

We have been blessed with God's Instruction Manual… The Bible and it is full of factual information and and the example be which we are to follow. No where do you see any manipulation of the facts, and the great thing is we have 2000 years of “experts” who have found nothing that has been spun or not based on fact.

We have also found the perfect example for leadership…Jesus. He had one agenda, to teach us how to live our opportunity while on this earth and then sacrificed Himself so that we had the opportunity as followers to join Him in celebration in the end. I want to be at that party, and thus my life is dedicated to Him.

So what does this mean? We are who we are. There is no spin that can hide the true character and person behind the facade. God has given each one of us very unique skills, intelligence, and resources. You are in full control to use as you see fit, but with a catch. God is testing you. Jesus provided the example of which we are to follow, but you are the sole responsible party to execute your gifts. These gifts are substantial when used in the right manner, but can be wasted if you choose to do so.

This is the truth. You have skills, intelligence, and resources that have been gifted by God. How are you going to choose to use them? This is not a guilt trip, but straight reality, no spin. No one controls you, except you and we await your decisions. You can have a very powerful impact on the world. Jesus clearly stated that we are to seek out the poor, the blind, the meek, the lame, and love them as He loves us. It took me a while to fully “get it” too. Life is a journey full of deception, obstacles, etc. The enemy does not want us to have success, but he is no match for God's team. We are honored to serve and will continue to pray each day for guidance, direction, and the resources to do God's work as He directed.

Let's set the example for the politicians, talking heads, etc. The impact that can be made through action is much more substantial than any words will ever make. You don't have to leave the comfort of where you are reading this to make an impact. Stop reading this and pray for MMI and all that have the ability to leave the comfort of their careers and go and serve. We need your prayers and we also need your financial support and through this team you will help to bring the truth through action. It's a very powerful way to share your gifts with the world.