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Posted on April 25, 2013 in General Ministry, MMI, Volunteering | 0 comments

Today is a big day for Medical Ministry International as we have been blessed by Canadian Artist, Amy Dryer with a beautiful painting “Together” that was inspired by the dedicated work of our Volunteers and Staff. Amy is an incredible lady and today we celebrate the gift that God has given Amy and the very powerful way she has chosen to help our ministry.

Amy's gift is such a blessing and it provides a great opportunity to point to how one person can do amazing things to help change lives. God has given each one of us skills, expertise, and intelligence that are to be used to better the world we live in. People that are able to realize this blessing will not only be able to change lives, but have their lives changed as well. I believe if you were to ask Amy tonight how she feels about this beautiful work of art, she will tell you that its not about her painting, but giving visibility to God's work being done all over the world.

Take a moment as you read this to reflect on all the great things that you have been blessed with throughout your life. Each gift has molded the person you are today. How are you using your gifts to make an impact on others? In the end, the impact you make on you, will be nothing compared to the impact you can make on others. That is really what life is, how you live it, and the lasting impression you leave on others.

We can not thank Amy enough for her generation work of art. We pray that God will use it to bring our message to others that are not familiar with the opportunity MMI provides to change lives. If you are in the Calgary area, join us tonight at the Bud Moore Studios to celebrate, if not be looking for the picture of the final piece. It's awe inspiring and such a blessing to our team! We are all in this “Together' and we will continue to be humbled by the grace and blessings that God continues to provide our Team.