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Thriving In Chaos

Posted on August 19, 2014 in General Ministry | 2 comments

It seems that the chaos occurring in St. Louis continues to evolve and get even more out of control.  How sad is it that the actual incident has been lost in all of this and its now all about looting, protesting, etc.  Obviously there are people that have nothing to do with area trying to take advantage of the situation.  How do you deal with something like this and bring stability back into a situation?  Poverty contributes to the situation, but only leadership can help to bring order to chaos.


Unfortunately, a small number of people with poor intentions can upset a stable situation.  Some people thrive in creating smoke and prefer to operate when their actions can be hidden.  This unfortunately is all too often visible in life and the need for leadership is crucial to bringing stability into many situations.   The amazing thing is when people are willing to live with no process, law, or order then instability in a situation occurs.  People initially think its great to do as they please, but in the long run creates even more problems for the future.

How can anyone think that looting, shooting, and open disregard for authority be good for the long term benefits of everyone?  Destroyed businesses and burned out homes will not make the area better.  Doing your own thing does not necessarily work for those around you and it is surely not bringing order into chaos.  Success in life is only achieved with process and order firmly in place.  Sometimes we must accept authority and process even if we don’t really like it, but the stability it brings with it makes the world around us better.



We must pray that leaders will step up and bring a sense of order into the chaos that exists.  Those that want to thrive in disorder must be quelled and stability has to be restored.  This may mean that very difficult decisions will have to be made, but the future of the community is at stake.  Thriving on chaos is not an answer to stability and leaders must lead even when it goes against the popular sentiment in the streets.

We see chaos and the result that comes from it all over the world in developing countries.  Its a shame that we are now seeing the results of this chaos in our own backyard.  Pray for wisdom for all who seek to bring stability to the situation.  There is an instruction guide for life that I highly recommend, its called The Bible.  Read it and pray that God will provide a light into a sea of darkness.


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