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Three Wooden Crosses

Posted on August 21, 2013 in General Ministry, Management, MMI, Patient Stories, Programs, Volunteering | 2 comments

We go through our daily routines and live our lives trying to get to the weekend, or that next vacation. In most cases, our lives are made up of a series of events that will ultimately define who we are as a person. During my travels to underdeveloped areas, I have come to realize that its the little things that really make an impact on our persona, but also the people we seek to serve.

Randy Travis, the country music star, released a song a few years back called “Three Wooden Crosses”. The Lyrics to the song are quite powerful and tell a story that resonates very closely to who I am and what MMI is all about…

“It’s not what you take, when you leave this world behind you, but what you leave behind you when you go!”

A gentle touch, a kind word, a hug, its really all it takes to make someone feel special. We see it everywhere we operate that those that feel that they don’t have a voice, light up when you show you care. I admit it, I am a big softy and every time I see someone suffering, I want to reach out and let them know that we are here to help. It’s a very powerful moment and there is no doubt that God is in full control of the situation. There is no sense of entitlement, there is no hidden agenda, its love. God’s love in action.

If you think about it what is life really? We have been given an opportunity to live here on this earth. We have a unique set of skills and intelligence, and some of us have been placed in a better situation than others. Did you do anything to make this happen? Well, no, you didn’t at the beginning, but you do have control on how you use the situation you have been handed. These gifts are really just loaned to you while you are here on this earth, as you are not going to be able to take any of them with you when you depart this earth.

The same can be said for the less fortunate. Jesus said that the meek shall inherit the earth, and I have seen first hand what He meant by the meek. These poor people have nothing, and yet they wake up every day, deal with some horrific conditions, and live to survive. They don’t even have the basic items to sustain life. Their water is slowly making them sick and many have already died. Diseases and Illnesses that we in the western world don’t even see, run rampant across the community. Yet, here they are greeting our teams with great smiles, even joy, as the MMI vehicle pulls up. Immediately, the singing begins, the children cheer, and its like they know that God’s Team has arrived to help.

The people go above and beyond to welcome you, in fact, they will give you their last chicken if you don’t stop them from doing it. It’s un-qualified love for someone that they may have never even met or seen. I am always overwhelmed when the kids come up and grab my hand. They don’t want anything, they just want to hold my hand….as no one ever has. I get teary-eyed as I type this as it truly is God at work….LOVE.

It’s not what you take when you leave this world behind you, its what you leave behind you when you go!