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The World Disappoints Us!

Posted on August 26, 2015 in General Ministry | 0 comments

The tragic shooting in Roanoke, VA is heartbreaking.  Good people, just doing their job and now will not be able to go home to loved ones.  It’s awful, sickening, and just what the evil one wants to have happen.  Why would anyone do this?  It makes no sense, and yet when we take a step back from the chaos, the fog begins to clear.


Evil has no boundaries and satan will continue to seek to cause despair and chaos in our world.  This is apparent in very public actions like his tragedy, and also visible in the more subdued actions of those that seek to do harm to God’s people and work.  It’s hard to believe and very frustrating for those of us that seek to follow His guide.  The evil one wants to discourage us and make us give up and not continue our journey.  It’s a very targeted attack on our faith and our ministry.  We can not allow those with evil intent to deter our focus on following Jesus and doing His work.

This is probably the most disturbing aspect of Optimizing Ministry as there are those that seek to veil their poor actions and activity by making excuses or blaming others for their behavior.  Some that are doing this have operated for years with a public persona of doing good, but when investigated, you find that they were acting on their own personal behalf and their persona was a mask to hide their real actions.  It is very sad, but an unfortunate occurrence that we see in many different ways in our society.

The shooter in Roanoke has a history of making racial allegations, causing conflict, etc. and in the end tried to justify the murder of innocent people in this manner.  How sad!  We must always be aware that a story being presented is one sided and may not reveal the actual truth as what has actually occurred.  There are some seriously deranged people out there that will make up any story to fit their agenda.  We must continue to peel back the fog of deception and reveal them for who they really are.  The world is a chaotic place and the enemy wants you to be discouraged and ready to give up.  He will not win!

We serve an awesome God and its through our faith and focus that His will continue to be done, regardless of the actions of those that seek to do otherwise.

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