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The Special People in Your Life

Posted on April 26, 2014 in General Ministry, Management, MMI | 0 comments

There is nothing better than helping to change and save lives doing God’s work.  This is an important distinction…God’s work, not ours.  The best part about my role is that I have the privilege of knowing some pretty amazing people that don’t care for anyone to know about the sacrifices they make in order to help others.  It such a blessing to make a sacrifice for those that need your help, its even better when you realize the quality of the people that have joined with you to do it.


The other aspect of this type of work is seeing people that you thought had the best of intentions, disappoint you through their actions over time.  We have seen this happen in many organizations, ministries, etc. when somewhere along the line, the focus on serving others becomes more about serving themselves.  This is the evil one at work trying to tear at the very work that all are trying to accomplish.  In fact, you find that the better you get at doing what you are doing, the more chaos that satan will try to inflict to throw you off course.

A leader must not allow the focus to be taken off the goal of the organization.  There are so many more good people, organizations, etc. that are doing great things to allow the few that have lost focus to affect the good.  It’s a blessing that God has given those that have dedicated their life to serving others.  Some may be at the point of the spear doing the work, while others may be at home providing the resources and direction to help make it all as efficient as possible.

In the end, it’s all about bringing together many different parts and people that together can accomplish so much more than on their own.  It’s an honor to be a part of a team that God has brought together and we must continue to seek guidance through prayer to cut through the distractions and stay focused on doing His work.

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