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The Sacrifice that Changed Lives

Posted on April 1, 2015 in General Ministry, Management, MMI, Patient Stories, Programs, Volunteering | 0 comments

Love, not just any love, but a love that is never ending.  This week there are followers of Jesus that will gather together to honor the sacrifice that changed our lives forever.  There are many distractions in life that have sought to dilute the message or change its meaning all together.  This will never happen, why?  Jesus lives inside all of us who believe.  He came to earth to provide an example for which we all have been called to follow.  He taught, loved, and the left this earth so that we would live.  Our lives are changed, and now we are called to help change others….

Sacrifice so that others may know blog

The secular world continues to fly by with attempts to change the story, bring forth new concepts, religious beliefs, etc. but the story of Jesus will never change.  Sure, there are people that believe that somehow the Easter Bunny and the coloring of eggs is somehow related to this sacred time of remembrance.  These are fun activities and if kids enjoy the celebration, go right ahead as Jesus loved the children of the world.  Let us not forget the true meaning of the gift Jesus gave us all.  The end of His earthly life was horrific, it was worse than anyone can even imagine.  I am encouraged that recent movies like The Passion of the Christ and Killing Jesus have sought to reveal a more realistic portrayal of the greatest sacrifice ever made…for us.  It’s not because I enjoy the story of Jesus’ sacrifice, it’s exactly the opposite, I am humbled by His unending love for me, and you!

I am blessed to have been given the chance to lead a ministry that is based solely on the life and teachings of Jesus.  Jesus called us into service for Him to reach out to the sick, the poor, the lame, and the mute and give them a voice.  He is the perfect message of hope.  Unfortunately, we are not Jesus and we continue to be challenged and attacked while we seek to answer this call.  Easter is a time that helps to bring additional focus to our ministry team in that we are reminded that Jesus sacrificed at a level that none of us could even comprehend.  Our sacrifice is nothing compared to His.  It provides the motivation to continue to honor His love for us, by providing love for all those that He loves, even those that don’t even know Him!  It’s our calling, we humbly have accepted the call, but continue to seek His guidance as we journey down some pretty difficult roads.


Doing God’s work is not easy, in fact, it’s a lot harder than just going about what many may consider a regular life.  The road traveled by our ministry is fraught with roadblocks, fundraising challenges, and those that seek to keep us from accomplishing our goals.  It may be hard for anyone to fathom why anyone would seek to stop our work, but when you realize that Jesus faced the same challenges, we should not be surprised.  Jesus never said that life would be easy, but He did tell us exactly what we are called to do.  Making a sacrifice to do His work is hard.

 Sacrifice: surrendering a possession as an offering to God

Jesus sacrificed Himself to God on our behalf.  We, in turn, are called to sacrifice our expertise, possessions, and resources to help seek out the meek and the poor.  It’s such a pittance compared to the sacrifice that Jesus made for us, but it’s still a big challenge.  I would ask that each of your take some time over the next few days to just spend some time seeking the counsel of God.  Ask Him what He has in mind for your life, your gifts, and the resources that He has helped you to gain.  You will find that He has big plans for you and is ready to see you get started.  Hopefully, He is calling you to join with us at some point and share your gifts with us and help us to use them to reach those that are seeking hope in a sea of darkness.  We serve an awesome God and it is an honor to have the opportunity to serve Him and give thanks for the sacrifice He made for us!

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