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The Right To Have A Voice

Posted on September 15, 2014 in General Ministry, MMI | 0 comments

The freedom to have a voice is one that may seem commonplace to many and yet the very right to speak one’s mind is not even a consideration.  The vote this coming Thursday in Scotland is a great example of a privilege that many around the world only dream of being possible.  The people of Scotland are set to determine whether they remain a part of the United Kingdom or become a country again after over 300 years as part of the UK.  It’s a pretty big deal, and one that is especially interesting to me.


Edinburgh Castle

Scotland is an amazing country and I have ancestral ties this land.  Genealogy is a lot of fun and I enjoy researching my various ancestors and studying the time and historical significance of their lives.  My wife and I were blessed to have visited Edinburgh a few years back and just love the Scottish people and their passion for life.  I don’t have an opinion about what happens on Thursday, but am excited and thankful that the people have a right to make the choice on how they wish to go forward.

There are many places where MMI focuses our time that lack the freedom to share their voice the way they wish.  We work in some of the poorest areas of the world where not only do the people not have a voice, they are lucky to be alive.  They need an advocate and we are are honored to be their voice to the rest of the world.  It’s kind of sad when you see people that live in a free society discount the privilege of being able to stand up for what they believe and want.  Those that don’t exercise their voice should take a moment to check out places that don’t have this ability, it would probably change your mind.  Freedom not used is a waste of a very precious gift.

We will be praying that whatever the outcome of the vote in Scotland may be, the people will have been heard.  Let us hope in the future that all people will have a similar opportunity.

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