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The Greatest Gift Ever Given Lives In You!

Posted on March 26, 2016 in General Ministry, Management, Volunteering | 0 comments

It’s been over 2000 years since God sent Jesus to walk among the people, share the Good News, and to ultimately sacrifice His life for ours.  We celebrate the greatest gift ever given on Easter Sunday, but it is the calling to all who know Him that carries forward in all we say and do.

Officer love

Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice to wash away our sins, but to also to provide us an example on how we are to use our gifts to reach others.  We have been saved thanks to His sacrifice, but also thanks to those that have come before and provided us the opportunity to know Him.  You have been given a gift that is meant to be shared with all you can reach.  This could be as you go about your daily activities or through a focused effort to go the distance to reach those half a world away.  You received an amazing gift, and now it is your responsibility to honor this gift every single hour of every day.

Volunteering for kids

Our gift is not just for us, but a calling for us to help reach others that have not been as fortunate.  You must become aware of your gift and try not to miss the opportunity to provide others the chance to do the same.  It may mean volunteering in your community, helping at the local school, church, etc. or it could mean taking steps outside of your own comfort zone to go the distance in service for others.  Whatever the situation, your actions and effort are a significant part of the amazing story of Jesus.  You, through your commitment to Him, are now a part of this message of hope.  Go make the effort, be missional in your life and live your faith 24/7 through words and deeds.  Don’t just talk a good game, live it!  Jesus lives in you, and its now your responsibility to take Him wherever you go!

The Greatest Gift Ever Given Lives on in You!

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