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The Birth – a Limitless Gift!

Posted on December 24, 2018 in General Ministry, Opinion | 0 comments

Not just any Birth, the beginning of life.  Over 2000 years ago in an underwhelming structure surrounded by livestock, the world changed in an instant.  Jesus was given by God to not only sacrifice himself for us, but provide a guidance for how we are to live our lives while on this earth.  The greatest Gift ever given to mankind.

Over the years, life has thrown many fastballs at all of us.  The periodic loss of family, the growth of kids, changes in employment, etc. cause our journey to be nudged in a new direction.  These regular deflections can make quite an impact on our lives and the struggle can be overwhelming.  Life can be hard, and there is most certainly evil in this world around us.  The great news is that this Gift sent by God so many years ago provided the owner’s manual on how to navigate this challenging journey of life.


God Loves You!

The commercialization of Christmas has blurred the real reason for the celebration of Jesus birth.  There is certainly nothing wrong with the various traditions that surround the celebration, but it is important that the real Gift not be lost in the twittering lights, packages, and carols.  The birth of Jesus was God’s gift to us all.  It’s a gift that doesn’t fade when the batteries fail.  It’s our Lifeboat, our instructions on how to navigate these waters around us.  Let’s not lose focus as we open our gifts, drive around looking at the beautiful lights, or having that late night hot cider.  Celebrate Christmas, but keep the real gift in the forefront of your celebrations.  

God Loves You and He sent you this Gift that we celebrate this day!  Merry Christmas!


Sam Smith is an international CEO, Branding and Marketing Executive.  He has spent decades leading International Ministries and Non-Profits to record results for operations and service.   Sam shares his thoughts and passions at