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The Bible

Posted on March 17, 2013 in General Ministry, MMI | 0 comments

Sunday Evenings are always special times, but in the last few weeks the opportunity to see “The Bible” a miniseries from Genesis to Revelations is fascinating. It’s success and depictions of the word of God are thought provoking in many ways….

The word of God is the best book, screenplay, etc. every written, period. It is quite interesting that many articles have recently been written exclaiming the shock of Hollywood that this epic is so successful. (Washington Times) Amazing, yet sad, but it tells you of the world that we now live in. God love us, and He wants us to know Him, Love Him, and follow Him.

I truly love the “The Bible” as it brings a visual protrayal of how God challenges His people all the days of their lives. The challenge is really never the issue, but how each person handles the challenges put before him. This includes Jesus as God sent His Son for forty days, and forty nights, to prepare Him for all that was in store. This should comfort all who believe in God that each day we are destined to be challenged and it is God’s way of preparing us for His needs.

Another wonderful story is that of Jesus himself, as He is our Guide, and regardless of all He faced, He never was taken off message or focus in service for God. No, there is no chance that we are ever going to be as good as Jesus, but that in no way means we should not try to follow His example. So far in the series, we have seen great examples of mortals that found favor, but also struggled at times. Those that asked for forgiveness were blessed, and those that chose not to were destined to fail.

One story that always brings great perspective is that of Saul and David. Saul became a great king of Israel, only to become paranoid and jealous of David. David resisted Saul’s attempts to stray from God’s directives and would not take the bait. Then once David becomes king, he fails miserably by coveting one of his close friends wife and taking her as his own. Many people today, probably had no idea of the great King David, failing as he did, but it is a great example of one who can find great favor, lose it, and then be forgiven by God to continue the work of the Kingdom.

We are all just humble servants of God. That does not mean that we are meak or weak, we are believers that have been given direction on how to use the blessings that God has provided. How are you going to use your gifts? Share your stories here with me as I am in awe of all that God is doing throughout the world!