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The Bible – More Than A Book

Posted on September 23, 2014 in General Ministry, Management, MMI, Patient Stories, Programs, Volunteering | 0 comments

We are very blessed at Medical Ministry International to have some amazing volunteers and donors that contribute to the overall success of the ministry.  One of my favorite initiatives is the MMI Bible Fund where our teams have access to funds to purchase Bibles for those that express interest in learning more about the God we serve.  The Bible is not just the best selling book of all time, but its an owner’s manual that gives guidance to living our lives.

african bible

MMI is not an organization that is focused on evangelism.  There are some organizations that have that focus and it is an area of need throughout the world.  We choose a very different path in that we seek to follow the example of Jesus in our words and deeds.  We do not seek to convert people to become Christians in order to receive our help.  We seek to be missional in our actions, which in turn opens the opportunity for our patients wanting to know more about God after seeing us live our faith through action.  We are more than happy to talk about the God we serve, and are intentional in the example we present during our programs.  That is where Jesus provides our guide.

filipino bible

Jesus was very intentional in every action and discussion that He had.  People were watching His every move, and He knew it.  The same can be said of His followers, there are those in the audience that are just looking for a way to tear at your faith and thus we must be followers of Jesus 24/7 and seek to stay on course in our lives.  Unfortunately, Jesus is the only person to ever have walked this planet that was perfect.  We are all flawed and we must continue to seek guidance and forgiveness when we fail.  The wonderful news is that The Bible is right there waiting for you to be the manual to living your faith.  Read it often.  Pray often.

Remember to preach the Gospel, and if necessary use words!

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