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Technology, Embrace It Or Watch It Go By!

Posted on August 7, 2014 in General Ministry, Management, MMI, Programs | 0 comments

One of the biggest challenges facing any organization, for or non-profit, is when to invest in technology.  It’s a huge decision because it ultimately impacts how you handle your customers, execution of services, and your financial accountability.  At some point in time, every organization has faced this dilemma.  The investment you made 50 years ago may be still working, but it becomes harder and harder to find people to support the systems and thus you hire people to help keep it going.  After a while, the technology just becomes so obsolete that nothing can be done to bring you anywhere close to current options.  The cash cow has all of a sudden become the old mule that is on its last leg.  Now what do you do?

cash cow

Over the course of my career, every single organization that I have worked with has faced this dilemma.  We spent many months analyzing the pluses and minuses of every CRM, Accounting, and Marketing platform that was available on the market.  No one can afford to do this, but the question then becomes, can you afford not to?  Resting your future on antiquated software that has been customized or tweaked over time results in outdated software that cannot be upgraded.  Non-action to these types of issues will result in the organization being stalled and eventually inefficient in handling your customers and conducting your work.

There is no perfect solution to any problem.  Our team at Medical Ministry International made the decision to take this leap of faith.  The organization is being positioned to take advantage of the rapid advancement of technology.  We felt like the challenges of doing this were worth the investment as it really helps us to serve the less fortunate and also those that want to support our efforts.  We are charged with optimizing every single gift and volunteer that engages with our efforts.  These systems provide the catalyst to stimulate engagement and deliver the highest return on the investment to those that have supported our work.  The relationship with our Donors, Volunteers, and Partners must always be priority one and the engine is now in place to see that this happens.

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These types of decisions are not easy and they come with numerous obstacles and timelines that continually get pushed around.  We are just beginning to see the results of our new systems bearing fruit.  It’s hard work, and if you don’t have a great team that is dedicated to see it through to the end, the journey can be brutal.  The great news is that the light at the end of that tunnel is very bright and in the case of Medical Ministry International, we are going to be in position to dramatically increase or efficiency and service to the less fortunate.  We have a great team that is honored to serve!

Have you experienced this in your organization?  Let me hear your thoughts?

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