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Staying Grounded

Posted on May 27, 2014 in General Ministry, Management, MMI, Patient Stories, Programs, Volunteering | 0 comments

The world flies by at a rapid pace. There are issues outside and inside of your organization that cause you to stay on your toes, and be ready to address. All of this pales in comparison to your own mortality. Periodically, a life event will come forth that stops the world around you. I believe it is God calling to say, “Hey, slow down and pay attention to you!” It’s extremely helpful to have this perspective as it relates well with what we do everyday at Medical Ministry International.


Every single person involved, volunteer, staff, patient, etc. are all the same. Each one of us has been given an opportunity to live on this earth and are blessed with unique gifts. How we choose to use our gifts, impact others, etc. is up to us. God gave us the knowledge, but He expects us to do our part. No time is this more apparent that when we face our own personal challenges with our health. You can’t help others if you are not physically able to help. I liken it to God’s own alarm clock for each of us

A few different lessons can be taken from this situation.

  1. Pray, and pray often.
  2. Take care of yourself so that you can help others.
  3. Never forget that feeling of helplessness and how you felt when you are reliant on others. It will give you a perspective that will help you when you are able to serve others.
  4. Cherish every moment of good health you have.
  5. Use the gifts that God has given you to make an impact for others. You will not be able to take them with you when your time on this earth is complete.

It’s good to have the world brought back into perspective every now and then. God’s in control, just be sure to take the time to listen to Him.