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Solemn Side of Ministry

Posted on December 9, 2013 in General Ministry, Management, MMI, Patient Stories, Programs, Volunteering | 0 comments

Everyone has their priorities. Their lives are moving at a rapid pace and it takes a break in this activity before they can even think about other things that they care about. Unfortunately, for those of us serving the poor, we fall into that category.

Medical Ministry International has a long history of doing some amazing work in service to the poor around the world. The current management team is honored to have been asked to ensure that this ministry continues the work upon a foundation established by over 40 years of dedicated volunteers giving of themselves to serve the less fortunate. We have inherited a very interesting dynamic and one that we are up for the challenge, but it is definitely a challenge!

MMI has been blessed to have a few key donors that historically helped keep the work going. Though the volunteers paid their way to serve, very few of the projects, programs, etc. broke even and thus the Ministry had to make up the difference. Combine this with little effort to develop a donor base, partnerships, etc. caused the needs of the ministry to fall upon a select few very special individuals. This business model can not be sustained. The Board of Directors sought to find a Management Team with the expertise to help stabilize the work of the Ministry and eventually grow it to new heights.

MMI has been fortunate to attract some amazing people to join in this effort to build our Donor and Support base. It's a major challenge as much of the existing donor base are people that have volunteered to go on projects, but consider that their only donation to the ministry. We have taken steps to ensure that the Projects that we run will be efficient and that 100% of all Project monies go to the project execution. These monies must cover all costs required to support the effort as the ministry cannot continue to subsidize unexpected costs, etc.

We must also continue to get the word out about MMI. It is never a good thing to be “the world's best kept secret” and be doing God's work without the monies to do the work. By now you have seen the increase in our efforts to get the word out about the ministry, and also reach people that have the capacity to donate financially. It's not an easy journey, and when very few people know about you, it makes it even harder.

MMI has been positioned to do some amazing work with many great opportunities to optimize the gifts that God has provided. We need money to be able to do this. We also need people to engage with this ministry that have the ability to open doors so that others can join in the effort to reach the poorest of the poor. As we enter this season of giving, would you please prayerfully consider donating to MMI?

Ministries like MMI are reliant on the support of others to do our work. We can only operate if you can help to support the work of the ministry. Please pray for us and tell others about this very special ministry. God is doing some amazing things, but He also relies on us to do our part. You can help to change lives!

If you haven't seen the ministry's Television Program, please watch it here and share with your friends.

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