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Smoke and Mirrors

Posted on June 27, 2013 in General Ministry, Management, MMI, Volunteering | 0 comments

There is a lot of discussion going on currently in relation to politics and belief systems. On both sides of each subject are very vocal people that use the tactic of illusion to detract from the core issues that are present. While this tactic may be shameful in any situation, it is unacceptable when it comes to the issues of the forgotten poor.

God has given you very special skills/intelligence and it is up to you to use it. If there are issues related to your culture, beliefs, etc. that you consider important, you have been empowered to do something about it. If your choice is to sit on the sidelines and let others debate the issue, then you get whatever they work out for you. A great example of this is the right to vote for issues you believe in. If you don't exercise your right to vote, then you deserve whatever the decision is made for you. You gave up your right to input.

The poor very rarely have a say in what happens. Yes, many politicians and governments talk a good game when it comes to addressing the needs of the poor. Unfortunately, much of this talk is just that, talk, no action. Universal health care is a great example of this as many countries may offer the care, but the actual ability to receive it is another story. The poor can wait in many cases months and sometimes even years to receive any care at all. If you were to read the headlines, nothing is ever even mentioned. It's pathetic and people deserve better.

One thing is for sure, my attitude about things that I believe in has changed dramatically over time. I firmly believe that God expects us to step up and fight for the rights of others, but also for the right to serve Him. I am disgusted by some of the actions that are taking place and especially those that choose to try to take away my rights. I thank God that He blessed me with a great family and resources to go make a difference in the world where I live. He did His part, and now I am responsible to take it from there.

Ministries have a choice today to stay focused on their tasks at hand and place their faith in God to help guide their path. That doesn't mean He is going to take care of it all, but it is only through Him that they exist. A ministry will only be as good as the team they have in place and the strategy that the team puts into action. There will be plenty of outside influences that have a different opinion and they will try to negatively affect their beliefs and thought processes of the ministry to achieve their own desires. The Smoke and Mirrors used in these tactics can cause confusion, that is their goal, you must not allow it to happen. God has blessed the ministry to focus its efforts in service for others and regardless of secular beliefs and distractions, this is God's work and His will be done!