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Small Victory in Battle for Lives

Posted on August 21, 2014 in General Ministry, MMI, Programs, Volunteering | 0 comments

There was a small victory related to the ebola crisis when Dr. Kent Brantly was released from Emory Hospital.  We are all thrilled that the prayers and heroic work being done by the team in Atlanta were able to stabilize the situation and reverse the course of the disease.  The bad news is that the news is not good in relation to the people of West Africa.  The Ebola crisis continues to grow, and there are no signs of it becoming controlled anytime in the future.

ebola 5

The Republic of Liberia is at the epicenter of the fight against ebola.  The situation is dire and many have described the situation is in “free fall”.  Why?  The lack of medical facilities and infrastructure is the reason this disease is currently out of control.  It’s the very reason why Medical Ministry International works throughout the world to try and build medical capacity in the developing world.  The situation may not seem to matter to those half way around the globe, but if it is not addressed it will eventually become a problem here.

People don’t have to go put their lives on the line to help address this situation.  We have heroes that are willing to give of their skills and go and address the situation.  What we do lack is the money and resources to be able to go and change the medical capacity to address the issues of worldwide poverty.  Over 2.4 billion people live on less than $2.50 a day.  These are good and proud people that with the assistance of groups like MMI, can make an impact on their own lives.

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Throwing money at a problem does not solve the issue.  You must have a strategy to come alongside and help the poor to help themselves.  This is not a situation where you just go and do good work and then leave.  It must be a long term strategy to build facilities, train personnel, and help the communities to increase their ability to address issues like ebola.  These strategies have proven to work and work well.  All it takes is people willing to help to fund the programs and volunteer to come with us to share the skills that God has provided.  Why not join us in this effort?

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