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Short Sighted, Wrong Answer

Posted on May 26, 2015 in General Ministry, Management, MMI, Patient Stories, Programs, Volunteering | 0 comments

Over the last few weeks, we have seen numerous instances of tragedies related to weather, poverty, civil discord, etc. These are troubling for us all, but there is a constant thread that becomes very apparent to trained eyes that spend their time focusing on addressing the issues of those in need. The answer must have a long term focus, not a short term response.

Moral responsibility comes to the surface when we see people in need. We want to respond, now, not later. Unfortunately, the need for instant gratification for those seeking to help, does not address those in need for the long term. The cameras will leave, another media event will take the headlines, and yet the issues of those in need are just beginning. It brings to the forefront a cause very close to my heart, addressing the needs of poverty to eliminate the issue, not provide a temporary bandage to a much larger wound.

We cannot throw money at a problem and think that an issue will just go away. Too long there have been people, organizations, etc. that visit, help, and then leave. In many cases, the intention to help creates a vaccum that makes the situation even worse than how they found it when they arrived. You can’t be the hero riding in on the white horse and not work to build capacity for the long term well being of those you are trying to serve. It may make you feel good, but your impact may end up being opposite of your intentions.

If you wish to help those in need, partner with organizations that are trying to come alongside those in need and have a documented strategy for the long term viability of those you want to help. Don’t just react, bring items and drop them off, without at least understanding how you can help for the long term. No one questions your good intentions, but no one, ever, has sought to help only to have their efforts go in vain. That is not being a good steward and addressing the issues of those in need for their long term well being.

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