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Setting a Missional Example

Posted on January 22, 2016 in General Ministry, Management, Volunteering | 0 comments

The only perfect person to ever walk this planet was Jesus Christ.  That being said, it is inherent upon us all to work to live the lives we are called to live.  God has blessed us with amazing gifts of intelligence and skill.  These blessings have set the table, its now up to us to use them to make the world around us a better place.  This is not an individual calling, but a calling for us all to help give those around us the courage to use their gifts as well!

coaching stewardship

True leaders achieve ultimate performance when those around them reach their goals.  Success is defined as the overall performance of the team, not the individual.  Over almost thirty years, I have seen teams achieve great heights, while many with great intentions fail to reach theirs.  Why does this happen?  There are obviously many reasons based on specific instances but a common component to failure is the various individual agendas of members of the team.  A team cannot be successful when members of the team are pulling in different directions.

What is the commitment that you made when you chose to follow Jesus?  You accepted Him into your heart, but the commitment does not end there.  In fact, it never ends.  We are called to be missional in our lives and live our faith 24/7.  We must use our gifts to make the world around us better and to deliver God’s message of love to all we come across whether we ever speak or not.  You must have the courage to be who your are called to be and not turn off your message…EVER.  Too many times The Church has sat silent during times of strife and taking the attitude that what happens outside of our world is not relevant to our lives.  Unfortunately, the choice of ignoring other issues eventually allows the problems to grow and will impact the success of The Church in the long run.  We must never lose sight of the fact that our commitment is not just inside, but outside the Church.  Its is only through living our faith that the true message of God can be seen and heard by all.

There are way too many ministries that lose sight of their ultimate calling and allow individual agendas to derail the team from being successful.  No one is perfect, but that is why it is a team effort.  The team helps to keep the organization in check and moving forward.  The team analyzes the success of their efforts, debates the challenges and solutions, and then proceeds forward all pulling together to reach their goal.  Those that don’t agree with the direction will either choose to support the rest of the team or get off the bus.  Whatever you do, don’t allow your personal ideas to pull down the overall effort.  When that happens, not only does the team fail, but you have lost the opportunity to use your gifts to further the effort.  Being missional is not easy, but seeking to never lose sight of our commitment to further God’s message using our gifts.  He will help to make amazing things happen in our lives and those around us.

You have been called into service.  Be strong stewards, speak up in matters and let your voice be heard by all that may come in contact with you.  Your life is a gift.  Make the most of the gifts you have been blessed to receive and make the world a better place while you have the chance.  The true Leader has set the example, let’s use our gifts to make sure His message reaches the masses.