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Service…not just words.

Posted on September 30, 2015 in General Ministry, MMI, Volunteering | 0 comments

The recent visit to the United States by Pope Francis helped to bring visibility to the topic of service to others.  I am not Catholic, but I am a committed follower of Jesus and through His teachings Jesus was very clear that we are to seek out the meek and provide love and support to them.  Pope Francis has been living this mantra his entire life and regardless of how you view his opinions, you have to admire how he lives his faith through action.

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The concept of service is not one of discussion, but one of action.  As a Follower of Jesus, we are called to use His example and seek out those in need and help them.  In other words be missional in our lives and use the gifts that God has provided to serve others.  It’s a lot easier to discuss service than to put it into practice.  We all get caught up in our daily activities and our own world and we have a tendency to forget about those that are not as blessed as we are fortunate to be.  How do we make sure that we use these gifts to server others?

1.  The first step is to commit to service and then seek out those that can help you optimize your skill set.  We do just this at Medical Ministry International and regardless of your gifts, we can help you to get engaged to serve other both locally and around the world.

2.  The second step is to not wait to engage and help support the organizations that are doing what you can become passionate about.  We are haunted by telling that next person in line we cannot help them.  We can only do what we can with your financial support.  Help, and help now!

3.  Prioritize serving others as a part of your own routine.  Service happens when you decide to engage.  Is it as important as that trip to the mall?  Is it as important as buying that next toy?  It’s up to you to make it important.

4.  Pray for those that are doing this work.  This is God’s work and He is actively involved and your prayers do make a difference.




Service is not words, it is action.  You have the gifts, ability, and skill to make miracles happen.  The only thing it takes is a commitment to engage.  Do it today!


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