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I Can’t Serve, How Can I Help?

Posted on February 23, 2013 in General Ministry, MMI, Volunteering | 0 comments

This is a question that comes up at almost every speaking engagement and event. Today’s lifestyles make it difficult for some to take time away to go and serve in another country, but that surely doesn’t mean you can’t help make a difference. Let’s look at some of the ways you can help.

Pray – The single most important role that anyone can play in the success of ministry is to pray for the ministry. This is God’s Ministry, and it is our duty to do our very best to use the gifts that He has provided

So after they had fasted and prayed, they placed their hands on them and sent them off. – Acts 13:3

Each week we send people to over 22 countries around the world seeking to provide hope and compassion to the less fortunate of the world. Your prayers are needed to cover their service.

Join a Project Team – Yes we have many operations that are operating year around, but we also have teams that go in support of our overall strategy. These teams are usually one to two weeks and there are both medical and non-medical positions available. Check out the MMI Project Calendar if interested.

Support – Many that have the ability to serve, struggle to be able to support themselves. We have just launched a web-based system to help our volunteers raise their support. A donation to the general ministry helps to provide the resources to equip the team and ensure their optimum success.

Gift in Kind – Do you know of an organization or company that can help provide supplies and equipment. The less that the ministry has to buy, the more the resources of the ministry can be used for the poor. This includes many items, both medical and non-medical. The teams need construction materials, compressors to run dental and medical units, etc. Your friends and connections could be the key to making great things happen at the point of service.

Help tell our story – Join our Facebook, Twitter, etc. and share the stories about all that is happening. The worst thing for a ministry is lack of visibility. We have a great story to tell and the lives being changed are well over 500,000 a year. Imagine the number of lives that can be changed if more people are made aware of the incredible things the volunteers and staff are accomplishing for the poor. No one can support us if they don’t know about us. You can help, and we need you to help get the word out!

Host an event – Invite your friends, associates, Sunday School class, etc. and have our team come and help to explain the ministry. We need people that are passionate about serving the less fortunate. Every person you know can help in all the ways we have just discussed. Contact us and let’s spread the word!

There you go, anyone can do something regardless of whether they can go serve or not. Help us to change lives!