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Servant for Christ

Posted on June 29, 2015 in General Ministry, MMI | 0 comments

There are times in our lives where we must face the fragility of life and it’s hard, very hard. Today, I lost a very dear friend, Mary Hutchinson, who was a colleague but a lot more than just that. Mary Hutchinson is one of God’s angels on earth, who dedicated her life and skill in service to those that needed a voice.

Mary began her career working with PTL, yes the same organization that saw its leader Jim Bakker fall from a lofty height due to some very poor decisions. The thing that I always found most interesting when talking with Mary about this time is the perspective and knowledge that Mary was able to gleam during that chaotic time. Mary was a part of PTL for all the right reasons, and though there was some very visible failings within the leadership of the organization, there was also a lot of good. She wrote an article for Charisma magazine many years later where she made the following statement: “My prayer is that one day we can remember PTL in proper balance, the good and the bad”. Mary personified the good.

The truth is we are all flawed and make mistakes on a regular basis. The challenge is how do we handle our mistakes, those made around us, and use this knowledge to get better? That’s exactly what Mary did her entire life. The knowledge and experience she developed helped her get better in her service for God’s work. She partnered with many organizations that were doing many things right, yes there were some mistakes too, but they did not deter her in the journey of service for Jesus. She became one of those beacons for Christ that regardless of many storms, her light continued to shine bright.

Mary worked with me during my time at Mercy Ships and then eagerly joined in our effort to establish Medical Ministry International as a symbol of excellence in medical services throughout the world. Mary was not one to just help tell a story, she wanted to immerse herself into it. She and her daughter went to see our work first hand. She became a sounding board for our ministry and was the key instrument for the publication of my book, When Love Heals. She had a passion for the less fortunate and worked to bring their stories in front of those that had the ability to help. Her passion never wavered over the last few years as she was fighting a private battle vs. cancer and tried to never allow it to affect that work that was being done.

The loss of a dear friend and servant of Christ is extremely difficult and I continue to struggle to finish this post. Mary was a living example of how we are to continue to learn and not let the chaos of the world deter our faith and commitment of service. We are on this earth for a very short period of time and God has given us great skills and resources to serve Him. I pray that many will take the example that Mary Hutchinson lived to provide a boost to your own journey of service. God has called us all into service and its up to us to use His gifts to make an impact for others.

I love you Mary Hutchinson, well done our good and faithful servant!