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Riots, Anger, Despair = Losing Focus

Posted on August 14, 2014 in General Ministry, Management, MMI | 2 comments

The fighting that is currently happening in the streets of St. Louis, MO is quite sad to watch.  Tragedy has occurred and yet more tragedy related to the tragedy continues many days later.  We have no idea exactly what happened, but it is so important to let the authorities follow the process in place to see that justice is done.  Riots, looting, etc. will not solve anything.  We know only too well that this type of behavior results in more despair for all those involved.

Police Shooting Missouri

We see these issues in areas of poverty all over the world.  People are crying out to be heard.  These cries turn to anger and despair.  The result is chaos in most cases and the only solution is to calm the situation and bring process and accountability to the area.  Medical Ministry International is focused on capacity building programs that bring structure, accountability, and transparency to the process.  The riots in St. Louis are an example of when people do not trust the process it allows for anger and confusion to take a hold on the community.  Do mistakes happen?  Yes, but distrust leads to a perception of unethical behavior that may or may not actually exist.  Cooler heads and process must be brought into the chaos or the situation will become untenable.

St Louis 3

This really is a life lesson for us all.  Organizations, towns, communities, schools, etc. all deal with these types of challenges.  The only answer is to bring structure, transparency, and process into the situation to ensure that misunderstanding does not lead to distrust.  Life is hard enough and as followers of Jesus, we seek to follow His lead in reaching into these areas of chaos and bring structure.  It’s a challenge just to get through any day, but the effort can yield amazing results and when they do, it makes all the hard work worthwhile!

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