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Reversal of Course

Posted on March 26, 2014 in General Ministry, Management | 0 comments

Thank you all for your kind messages related to my blog post Politically Correct or Following God? This post was related to the recent decision of World Vision USA to change their policy and allow staff of same-sex marriages to join their organization to in their own words “unify the Global Church”.  Any organization has a right to determine how they will operate, but making the statement that they were “unifying the Global Church” was something that I could not just sit by and let stand without comment.  The good news is that this afternoon, an announcement has been released that the organization has reversed it’s decision and will go back to the way they were before.  So now what are we to think?


There is no doubt that the uproar that came from this announcement was loud and probably shocking to the leadership of World Vision.  They must have realized that the choice they made put their entire operation at risk and was in direct conflict with other principles that they were supposed to represent.  Everyone makes mistakes and as a person of faith, we should accept their apology for what it is, but can the issue be put back in the bottle?  I am not so sure it can.

Any organization that openly offends a significant part of its support base would be wise to reverse course.  The question, however, was this reversal due to a concern for its financial well being or just a mistake?  Either way, we should still be concerned that the leadership of this $Billion organization, its Board of Directors, etc. would feel that a decision like this would be something that they could openly announce and then defend.  Now two days later, the leadership has reversed its course, and takes it all back after making this statement…

“We feel positive about what we’ve done. Our motives are pure,” said Richard Stearns, World Vision CEO. “We’re not doing this because of any outside pressure. We’re not doing this to get more revenue. We’re really doing this because it’s the right thing to do, and it’s the right thing to do for unity within the church.”

There is only one unifying force, Jesus.  The only politically correct decision that is acceptable to any organization that claims to follow Christian principles is to follow the teaching of Jesus, period.  To consider anything else would be a monumental mistake.  Please pray for this leadership team.

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