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Recognition is Best When It Comes From Friends!

Posted on May 22, 2013 in MMI | 0 comments

We received a note from informing Medical Ministry International that our Volunteers and Donors have helped the organization to be named as an Inaugural Top Non-profit for 2013. This is a special honor, not just because the Ministry was recognized, but because those that support and volunteer with the Ministry are the ones that made it possible.

Ministry work is hard. We deal with people in stress on a daily basis and we seek to do it as efficiently and effectively as possible. People that choose to engage with the ministry as Volunteers and Donors are the reason the work is possible. We are humbled and blessed that those that have served and supported the ministry would make the ministry eligible for this honor. This has never been about us, but about those we seek to serve. The reinforcement from our supporters that we are doing a good job means the world to our staff around the world. We want to thank you, and instead of just me, we thought we would let our team provide their thoughts….

“Being named a 2013 Top Non-Profit is a team effort. It reflects hard work and commitment from staff, volunteers and donors – prepared to go the “extra mile” to pursue the “best”! As a staff leader, I am thankful for donors and volunteers who helped us achieve this wonderful recognition of our collective efforts.”

“It is an absolute joy to be a part of Medical Ministry International. It is a great feeling to go to sleep at night knowing that my efforts of the day contributed to change people’s lives physically and spiritual. We are a part of God’s team and for that I am thankful.”

“We have an incredible group of volunteers! It is personally inspiring to see their deep-rooted commitment to serving the poor and I’m so thankful they choose us as their mission organization…

There is nothing quite like opening your inbox on a Monday and seeing tons of positive evaluations! It just reinforces that we are doing our job in service to the world’s poor.”

“We love how MMI volunteers and supporters value the active involvement of MMI leadership/staff in programs, projects, and health centers. Each person that supports the ministry has life changing stories that impact and changes lives, theirs as well as those they serve. The excitement shown by our supporters is a boost to our team and for that we are most greatful!”

“I would like to thank all the MMI volunteers and donors for helping Medical Ministry International be named a 2013 Top Non-profit by! You truly are the heart of MMI and I appreciate each and every one of you!”

“MMI is truly blessed to have so many dedicated volunteers and donors! Without your support none of what we do would be possible! A special thanks to our board of directors as well. They have made enormous sacrifices of time and resources to keep us be able to minister to the needy of the world.”

Last year, MMI was able to directly serve 542,000 people in over 22 countries and provide services estimated over US$82 Million. This only happens because of generous people that have given of their blessings to help us serve others. We are honored and humbled to be recognized by our supporters in this manner. Thank you and God Bless You for your support!

God is at the forefront of MMI, and through your support we will continue to do everything we can to be people of excellence and optimize the gifts that we have been provided in service for the less fortunate.