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Reaching the Forgotten

Posted on November 26, 2013 in Management, MMI, Patient Stories, Programs | 0 comments

Every morning we awake with a renewed passion to reach the poorest of the poor. Jesus challenged us all to love the meek, the poor, the sick, and downtrodden. This directive is a lot harder than it seems in print, but is more than just a concept, it has to become your passion.

Ministry work is tough. We not only have to travel to some very difficult places, but we also have to figure out how to raise the monies necessary to help us get there with the supplies we need. The MMI business model of utilizing volunteers to serve the poor is very efficient in that it allows the ministry to provide substantial care with little overhead. That is a good thing but, but we still have to raise money to keep the ministry accountable, supplied, and efficient in all that we say and do.

The world-wide economy has made things very tough for those that have a heart to give. The first reaction to tough times is to tighten your belt and cut back on expenses that are not necessary. We all agree that the kids could use one less toy, we could eat in one more night, but when it comes to reaching the poor…they could die without our help. This is not a guilt trip, but a reality that we face each day. We must try and deliver the story of a person half a world away that can drive home the message that lives are at stake.

I had someone tell me recently that they could not believe that people would not want to donate to an organization like MMI that is so efficient ($8 in service for every $1 donated) with their gifts to make such an impact (543,000 people directly served last year). We agree with that assessment, but if the donations don't come, we have to begin to reduce our services and lives are at stake.

To say this is frustrating is an understatement. Our small but efficient staff works up to 16 hours a day trying to support this ministry where the sun never sets on our work. We have no problem giving this type of commitment, but it is disheartening when our sacrifice is limited due to the lack of funding. The only thing that keeps MMI from serving over a million people a year is money. We have the volunteers, the staff, and most definitely the people in need. We want to reach them and bring God's love through compassionate health care, training, and training.

You can help! Can you tell your friends, seek out those that may be able to help support the ministry through funding or supplies. Maybe you know of someone we can talk to that might be able to open a key door that could lead to support. The opportunities to change lives are before us, and you can help make a difference. The most important thing you can do is Pray for the ministry! Please help us to reach the forgotten!