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Reaching Others to Save Lives

Posted on October 23, 2013 in General Ministry, Management, MMI, Programs, Volunteering | 0 comments

Saving lives on a daily basis just doesn't happen, it takes a tremendous amount of dedication and focus on multiple fronts to make it all happen. One of the most important areas of focus in the ministry is reaching those that have the ability to help fund the work that is being done. Yes, we have people that volunteer to go and serve, but the monies and services they provide go straight to the project they are on, the ministry has to help support our Health Centers, Training Programs, Equipment, etc. It's a great investment as for every $1 donated, MMI provides over $8 in Medical Care.

A key component in finding those that can help support the ministry financially is to be able to get our message in front of those with the capacity to do this. It is not a good thing to be “a best kept secret” and no one know about the work being done. MMI is working very hard to do this and we received word today that MMI's latest video “The Work of MMI” is the recipient of a 2013 Davey Award for excellence in media on the international level. This is a big honor to be selected from over 4000 entries world wide and it is a blessing for the ministry.

As great as this news is, the purpose behind the video is even more important. We need to reach people to help support this ministry financially so that more lives can be changed. The only thing keeping us from saving more lives is the lack of money and supplies. We have volunteers at the ready to give of themselves to go and do the work, but MMI must be able to provide the foundation to make it all possible.

It's always the challenge of ministry to find those that are willing to share their own blessings to make an impact on others. We are so thankful for those that do this and we must continue to find more to do the same. We are one of the most efficient ministries in the world, and to be able to multiply your gift 8 times in services is an amazing return on your investment. Please share our story and video linked above with all you know. Lives are at stake!