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Quarantining Health Workers

Posted on October 25, 2014 in General Ministry, Management, MMI, Patient Stories, Programs, Volunteering | 0 comments

At first glimpse, the enacted quarantine imposed by New York and New Jersey Governors seems like a logical response.  Unfortunately, it is a total overreaction and will cause more lives to be lost due to Ebola but for a reason that is being ignored by media so that they can continue to capitalize on the frenzy that they helped to create.

Ebola heroes

True:      An Ebola patient is not contagious until the virus begins to shed itself in bodily fluids.

False:    Anyone that has been serving in the developing world trying to contain Ebola is a hazard to us.  A health worker is not a danger to anyone until they present symptoms and then should be isolated and tested.  Flying, riding a subway, or even bowling while not presenting any symptoms has ZERO risk.

The problem with the new proposed auto-quarantine of Health Workers going to address the disease in West Africa is that this will keep people from going to help eliminate the disease at the source.  Many of these Heroes are volunteers and how many people have the ability to go and volunteer for a month, only to return and be put into isolation for another 21 days?  Very few, if any.  The truth is that these people are willing to go and try to help keep the disease from becoming a major issue around the world.  They do understand the need to self monitor as shown by Dr. Spencer in NY.  The doctor knew there was a potential that the symptoms could present themselves and monitored his temperature regularly.  As soon as he presented any signs, he called the authorities and they have quarantined him.  His ventures around NY posed no risk to the community and unless he exposed his immediate family to any bodily fluids, then he did everything correct.  This is a hero, not someone that deserves attack or biased media coverage.   He contracted the disease helping to keep the Ebola illness under control in Africa, that is exactly where the attention should be.

Ebola Spencer

I know many of you may be scared of Ebola coming to your community.  Stop.  There is no reason to overreact.  We have proven that the disease can be managed, addressed, and cured with proper medical care.  Unfortunately, in West Africa this type of care does not exist and groups like Medical Ministry International are working to build medical infrastructure to change this major deficit in the developing world.

UPDATE: OCTOBER 25th NY Times: “Detained Nurse Criticizes Health Care Worker Detainment Plan”

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