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Pulling in the Same Direction

Posted on April 28, 2016 in General Ministry, Management, Programs, Volunteering | 0 comments

The American political scene highlights a problem that we find in many Non-Profits and Ministries…focus and a strategy where all are on the same page.  The one constant in any situation is that there will be opinions and suggestions coming from all angles and it is up to the leadership to determine where to focus its resources and attention.  An organization cannot be distracted by constant noise that distracts it from its mission.  The same can be said for politics, you see a process right now full of chaos and very little focus.  At some point, everyone better decide to focus on the areas of most need and stop the constant bickering over every little issue.

pulling together in the same direction

Many organizations are overseen by Board of Directors, Governing Bodies, etc. that help provide oversight and they provide input to set the course that the group will seek to travel.  Leadership is then entrusted to develop and execute a plan that will achieve the overall objectives that have been set forth.  Not every decision requires the input of the group, but all involved must never lose focus on the ultimate goal trying to be achieved.

Distractions are many, as are opinions.  An organization, or country for that matter, cannot achieve success if they are more concerned about trying to please everyone, but lose sight of the future.  Political Correctness is a great example of this problem as groups tend to want to argue just to argue, and nothing ever gets accomplished.  We must look to leaders to debate, make a well thought out decision, and then get on board and pull in the same direction.  Your organization, country, etc. are counting on you to help carry your weight and help to make your goals a reality.

teamwork quote

Take the time to step back and look at the big picture.  No one agrees on everything, but what is the most important objective that needs to be met?  Choose the course, candidate, leadership, etc. that help to reach this goal and realize that the road is not one that is perfect.  You will achieve a lot more and see progress when all are on the same page and pulling in the same direction.  Don’t get caught up in every single issue, but choose the most important and give it the necessary attention it needs to make your organization, business, or country successful.

American pulling together