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Pray For Those Who Are Served And Are Serving!

Posted on July 28, 2013 in General Ministry, Management, MMI, Patient Stories, Volunteering | 0 comments

This was a tough week for our Teams. We find often that many of our patients are coming to us as their last resort. Some have tried to go other places, where as others have had the condition continue to worsen over time. In many cases, we are the only thing that stands between the illness overcoming the patient, and their lives being saved.

Such is the case as we speak. We have teams in multiple locations that are seeking God’s help to work miracles. The patients we are finding are in tough situations, and in many cases, our team’s are seeing some of the worst cases they have ever seen. This is unfortunately what we see on almost ever trip, but the great news it that God provides the guidance necessary to do what sometimes seems impossible.

We can’t get through these challenges without prayer. We need prayer. Prayer for our patients, prayer for our teams, and prayer for the ministry staff that is working long hours to try and put people in a position to change lives. None of this is possible without God’s grace and guidance. Lives are on the line, and not all can be helped. It’s a tough situation, but we are all motivated by the fact that many can be helped and that motivates us all to continue forward.

Will you pray for our patients and those that are currently on our teams? We need your support. God is working miracles with the skills of these very special volunteers and staff. You can play a vital role in helping to make this happen…pray, donate, and join our team! We will not let the challenge overwhelm the opportunity to bring God’s love and compassion to others.