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Pray and Serve!

Posted on May 31, 2013 in General Ministry, MMI, Volunteering | 0 comments

The multiple tornadoes that have hit Oklahoma once again serve as a reminder that God is the only one in control and we must continue to lean on our faith during times of significant tragedy. We sit and watch this on the television and are in awe of the power of nature. What are we to do? How are we to handle this horrific destruction and loss of life?

I can only give my perspective and in no way am I trying to infer that I know all the answers. That being said, I do know that God has everything in total control. I firmly believe that tragedies like this are His way of challenging us all to step up and help others in need. It's not the challenge He cares about, but how we handle the challenges. Our actions in relation to those in need are in our control and He is watching to see how we will use the gifts He has provided all of us to help those who suffer.

God's gifts are many, they may be wealth, knowledge, relations, etc. but whatever gift you have received, you are in control of how those gifts will be used. Make a decision and take action! Lives are at stake and you can make a difference if you choose to do it. Volunteer locally, join us in service for those that have nothing, or join another group that is providing relief. The least you can do is Pray. Pray for the lives at stake and those that choose to go and try to save them. We can all do that!