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Power of Prayer and Family

Posted on June 19, 2013 in General Ministry, MMI | 0 comments

We suffered a difficult blow to our family yesterday as my wife’s mother suffered a broken hip during a fall. She is a great lady in her late 70’s and a strong witness to the power of faith. We all know that as we begin to age, our earthly bodies begin to fail and thus the strength of our faith and family kick in to support us during these difficult times. We began to get the word out to family/friends/ministry and the response in prayer and support has been such a blessing.

People that lack faith have a difficult time understanding the power of prayer and faith. I also believe that those of faith have a tendency to not even fully grasp the strength of God when you place all in His hands. The world has suffered many tragedies recently, and we see people gravitating to their faith to provide a foundation to help them get through the difficult time. The same can be said for our daily journey to live. God is here, listening to our hearts, and His response may not actually be what we expect, but we know for sure, He is here. Trust Him.

It is one of the more difficult aspects of life….we don’t control it. Yes, we do have the ability and intelligence to help determine our course, but in the end, we will all come to the same result in our earthly life. Its a very humbling realization that God planned for us to have a birth and an expiration and how we choose to live this life is up to us to determine. Thank God for Family, Friends, and our Faith! God has given us a support system to help us to chart the challenges of life. It’s an amazing gift if you think about it!

Thank you all for your support, prayers, and love that have been shared with our family during this time. Jill’s Mom has surgery today to begin the healing process. We know that journey will be long and difficult, but we are buoyed by our faith and the support of our friends and ministry family.