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Poor Actions Are A Result of Poor Leadership

Posted on April 28, 2015 in General Ministry | 0 comments

There is nothing that happens in the world more depressing than the chaos that results from poor leadership.  I have seen this first hand within organizations, nations, and cultures where leaders use the lack of civility to achieve their objectives through the fog of deception.  It’s heartbreaking to deal with this and it is even worse to see those seeking justice use violence and destruction to get their voice heard.  Martin Luther King Jr. talked of this very issue in the 1960’s and his insight is still very true today….

“Beyond the pragmatic validity of violence is its inability to appeal to conscious….non-violence is power, but it is the right and good use of power.”  He goes on to say “If a method is not effective, no matter how much steam it releases, it is an expression of weakness, not strength.”

The issue of trust is front and center for anyone that reaches the point of acting out in aggression seeking to be heard.  This is the very moment in time that Leaders must step up and bring a calm to the chaos.  If that is not possible, then it is a direct indication that there is no leadership and the lack of respect of the leader leads to even more chaos.  I am disgusted by those that represent themselves as leaders and yet bring no calm to the sea of despair.  They provide a sound bite, tell a good story, but they do nothing that results in bringing calm to the situation.

It’s fairly easy to detect the representation of false leadership when you see the various leaders pick and choose when to engage and when they allow chaos to continue without putting a stop to the actions.  Chaos is the direct result of leaders that have no issue with allowing poor behavior to continue if it helps them make a political point.  How sad, and even disappointing that somehow people have been blessed with authority and choose to not use it to bring order to a difficult situation.  This chaos will continue to present weakness, not strength, and communities, cities, states, and countries will continue to be lost in a sea of despair.

Common decency, mutual respect, and a commitment to what is right should be the moral compass that any leader should use when leading.  Martin Luther King Jr. could not have been more accurate as the proliferation of chaos is the most visible form of weakness that any person or leader can present during a time of strife.




What say you?  Let me know your thoughts?

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