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Politically Correct, Racist, Bigot?

Posted on February 23, 2016 in General Ministry, Volunteering | 0 comments

There is a substantial amount of news where people overreact to a comment, stance, or decision that someone has made.  The immediate response is to persecute the individual for making the statements if they do not conform to the beliefs of others.  Do people have a right to express their opinion, and if so, why do others seek to attack when those opinions are voiced?  A society is formed when people of many opinions, beliefs, etc. are allowed to share their perspectives and have their voices heard.  What is most unfortunate is when opinions are voiced and others are not allowed to provide an opposite opinion without being attacked.  Dialogue and debate can be the most valuable tool to achieving a common goal, but personal attacks can ruin a society.


The truth is that more and more people want to have their voices heard, but equally want to quash the voices of others that don’t align with their beliefs.  That is not what a democratic society is all about and it surely is not something that needs to be tolerated.  We can respect each others right to voice their opinion, but the very moment you choose to quash mine, the respect ends.  There are people all over the world that I have worked with throughout my career that have different belief systems, faiths, and political opinions.  That in no way kept us from working together.  Over time, we found a common ground that was based on earning respect with each other.  Great debates occurred and in many cases, we may have walked away agreeing to disagree, but in the end we had a relationship forged through dialogue.  No one’s voice was disrespected and in the end, an understanding of each other’s perspective opened the door to finding a common ground.

This propensity to attack opposite beliefs has had another impact on people of faith.  They choose the road of least resistance because its easy and they would prefer to not get involved.  The consequence of this passive strategy has led to our society being dominated by beliefs that are not necessarily in line with their own.  Over time we are beginning to see these beliefs take a hold of our community, schools, political dialogue, etc.  What once was a limited concept has turned into “the cause of the day” and the loud voices seek to drown out the voices of those that disagree.  The dissenting opinions are labeled as bigotry or racist in nature.  No one likes being labeled in this manner and thus choose to keep quiet to avoid the negative attention.  This is not healthy for our society and certainly not a way to present God’s message of love and respect.

Spreading God's Words

Jesus Christ was sent to provide us all a model for which to live our lives.  He never wavered in His teaching and interaction with all people.  He was consistent, on message, and never allowed the dissent of others to quell His voice.  We are called to do the same.  God’s message is one of hope and forgiveness, not one of weakness and silence.  We are to love our fellow man, but never allow God’s missional calling to be derailed or quashed.  The Church, and the United States for that matter, have done more for people in need that any other in the world and yet we are always under attack.  Why?  It is because the enemy wants to cause chaos and quiet our voices so that evil can be the only voice heard.  That will not happen on our watch.  It’s time to step up and let your voice be heard.  We are not bigots, racist, or against fairness in our society.  We are against allowing discord and chaos to take a hold of the world in which we live.  We are God’s people empowered to spread His message and we cannot allow our comfort to get in the way of protecting the blessing of living in country or society firmly rooted in His teaching.

The time to be heard is now.  You have been called into service to help ensure that His voice is heard in your community, state, country, and world.  You will make an impact and the dialogue that comes forth will be good for all involved.  Faith is not a weakness, but a strength and the very foundation for which we all stand.  Stand tall and proud as God has called you into service!