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Politically Correct or Following God?

Posted on March 25, 2014 in General Ministry, Management, MMI | 0 comments

In the past days, there has been considerable reaction to World Vision USA's announcement that they have removed the directive of heterosexual relationships as a pre-requisite to be a member of their organization. This obviously has caused some significant response from all sides on the subject, but I want to re-focus the discussion back on the important issue that seems to be missed.

We at Medical Ministry International have in our mission statement that we use Jesus as our Guide. No where in Jesus teachings did it ever discuss the issue of same sex marriage. He made it very clear that we are to love each other as we would love ourselves and thus every person deserves to be loved. We have been instructed to go forth and spread the good news through our actions and seek out the meek, the poor, the blind, and the lame. We are called to be missional in purpose and not allow outside influence to affect this direction.

Unfortunately, the announcement yesterday seems to indicate that outside influence is beginning to affect the decisions that some are making. I was specifically troubled by the tact that they are “trying to unify the Church” through this decision. There is only one unifying force, Jesus. Jesus through his own actions displayed what he thought of trying to adapt to the world that was developing by turning over the tables in the temple and criticizing the thieves that were trying to take advantage of those coming to worship. We are not supposed to adapt to our world, we are supposed to adapt our actions to Jesus and His teachings.

Every organization and person has a right to do as they please. Those that choose to try and adapt to the world around them are missing the point. If we begin to accept worldly trends when it comes to moral integrity, then we leave ourselves open to diverting away from the teaching of Jesus. That type of decision empowers the evil one, not the work of God. In fact, Jesus was one of the most non-politically correct people during His time on this earth, but His teachings reach far and beyond any political opinion or influence.

This is a crossroads moment in the evolution of the Church. We are to love all we come into contact with, but that does not mean we change who we are in order to adapt to their way of thinking. Yes, there are many denominations that have doctrine that differs from another and that is the choice of that denomination. We can not allow political diatribe and the “flavor of the month” issue to define who we are as people of faith. If we allow this to happen, then we have lost sight of the compass that Jesus provided to us to follow.

Governments and organizations come and go, but Jesus' teachings are forever. We need to stop spending so much time adapting, and stay focused on the One we have been called to serve.