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Passive Leadership

Posted on November 19, 2015 in General Ministry | 0 comments

The chaos currently happening throughout the world is a direct result of passive leadership.  Our society has become more focused on being politically correct and abandoning the moral integrity and leadership that helped establish our God-fearing country.  A decision not to move in this direction will have dire consequences for our nation.

Good people want to do the right thing as much as possible.  This urge to be good has allowed those with more sinister agendas to take advantage of the good nature of people.  We see this in our daily lives and in the leadership that runs our country.  The silent majority has a tendency to overlook seemingly minority conflicts, opinions, etc. as they are busy leading their own lives and don’t want to bother with difficult discussions.  These issues on their own are pretty minor, but when combined have created a society that can get out of hand.  These leaders seem more open to spinning their own agendas and very few of them seem to have any moral compass.   Good then is surpassed by bad and it leads to evil.

Einstein 2

How did we get here?  What can we do to get back where we were?

These are very important questions.  The first step is get back to the basics.  This nation was founded on Biblical principles and we must ask God back into our government, schools, and lives.  As a follower of Jesus, this seems to be pretty self explanatory, but to those that are not strong in faith, they still don’t get it.  We are seeing our schools and government so bent on being politically correct to not offend someone that they lose focus on the basic premise of right and wrong.  People have a right to believe what they want, but that in no way allows others to tell the majority what they can and can’t do.  This is not an issue of minority discrimination, but a firm commitment to structure, principles, and rules that people of all beliefs should follow to maintain order in our society.  If someone chooses to be of a different faith, belief, etc. they are more than welcome to their beliefs but they are not welcome to impose them on our society to fit their own agendas.  We have in recent years allowed these groups to be the squeaky wheel and impose their minority opinions. We must have trust in our government and if that exists, then the rules that we all follow will be honored and limit the impression of “big brother” imposing on our lives.

IMportance of the Bible

The truth is that a government is in place to serve its people.  Role number one is to maintain order and protect their constituents.  If trust does not exist, then the very goal of achieving this is in question.  All other initiatives must be secondary to this and when it is not, then our society moves off course and chaos comes forth.  God must be a part of our government and no, we are not to just sit there and wait on God to fix the problems.  We must engage and work with our youth, schools, government, etc. to ensure that good is more visible, especially when evil is trying to take up all the air in the room.  We cannot allow the minority to control the message and be at the ready to fight for our beliefs.  God has given each of us many blessings and skills and we must put these to work to ensure that our country gets back in line with what made us great.  Any other course is an option for more chaos and a world that we do not want to leave for our children to face.

Take the moment, right now to ask God for guidance, strength, and wisdom.  Use these gifts to engage and help to make the world around you better.

Prayer to God

Let me know your thoughts.